Sally & Dan, Guildford Register Office Wedding


“A last minute decision to have a professional photographer at our wedding led us to finding Chris. Despite the late booking Chris still made time to come and meet us at home,find out about us and our personalities and learn what we hoped for our photos. On the day Chris was amazing, we couldn’t have wanted more! Chris fitted in perfectly and felt more like a guest than our photographer-a great sense of humour helped! Guests commented on his decisive, efficient style during group shots and were right. When taking our “couple” photos, Chris put us at ease and as a result, posing came more readily than we imagined. As for the results we love them! They show our personalities and are a fantastic reminder of our special day. We won’t ever forget it due to the photos Chris took. Thank you Chris! 5 stars are too few.” Sally & Dan Redhead


When I was contacted by Sally to photograph her and Dan’s intimate wedding day at Guildford Register Office, the date in question was approaching rather quickly, in fact the day was only a matter of weeks away. I met with them and they told me that a family member had originally planned to photograph the day, however they had decided their guest should be allowed to enjoy the day instead and that she was a ‘little pregnant’ and didn’t need to be on her feet all afternoon. I was thrilled to be asked to come and capture their day for them.


As Sally & Dan had planned a small wedding, with family and close friends, my presence was only required for a short time, for the ceremony and for pictures at the reception venue. The wedding took place at Guildford Register Office, which is tucked away just outside of Guildford town in a lovely secluded location. Once the service was over we headed for The Inn on the Lake in Godalming, a fabulous pub with pretty gardens – although the lake after which it is named was looking at little dry!


When I met the Bride and Groom, Sally made a joke about not wearing a white wedding dress as she didn’t want to be the centred of attention, there was also a joke in their about Primark Leggings too… On the day she looked stunning and that dress was perfect for her. In fact it is such a lovely dress I have already been asked, as has she, where it came from?! It is by Coast and its called the Alessia Jacquard Dress. If you want one though you’re going to be out of luck as it is sold out, I know this as my wife has already tried to get it.


As my usual luck with the weather at the moment seems to continue (!), the day was overcast and threatening rain all afternoon, however it held off for us and we were able to spend some time in the garden at The Inn on the Lake taking some lovely pictures of Sally, Dan, the family and their friends.


There is something special about capturing a small wedding ceremony, Sally & Dan’s was no exception. Everyone was so friendly, they made me feel a part of their day. The time went slightly faster than I would have liked – always a sign of a great day.


Congratulations Sally & Dan, you’re such a lovely couple and I am certain you have many years of happiness ahead of you.


The bride is walked down the aisle by her father as the groom looks on.


Precious moment as the brides father 'gives her away'.


The wedding ceremony at Guildford Register Office


Family and friends group photo on the stairs outside Guildford Registry Office.


Reception at The Inn on the Lake, Godalming.


Sally & Dan, the Bride and Groom.


We had so much fun, these guys were happy to try anything.


Beautiful Sally.


The brides bouquet and that stunning wedding dress everyone loved!


The wedding rings


Dapper Dan the Groom. Check the happy smile.


The happy couple. Congratulations Sally & Dan.