Max & India - Bluebell Woods Photography Banstead Surrey


Back in the spring, as the Bluebell Woods were starting to fill with their amazing blue carpet, I photographed my awesome (and super cute) Niece and Nephew, surrounded by the annual spectacle.


We headed to Banstead Woods in Surrey, which is one of many, many locations you’ll find the Bluebell Woods throughout the UK. Whilst the Bluebells have long gone for this year, you can find locations of forests near you in the spring using the Bluebell Woods finder on the National Trust website.


After a little bit of hike up the hill from the car park, an amazing sight greeted us – Bluebells as far as the eye could see. Every patch and glade of the flowers we came to, seem to be larger than the last. I should say, rather embarrassingly, this was my first visit to a Bluebell Woods that I can remember. I may have possibly been before when I was younger, however I don’t think I could have ever appreciated the beauty of it back then.


As we had headed to Banstead Woods on a weekday it was fairly quiet, so we found ourselves a lovely little spot of off the main path, being careful not to stand on the Bluebells themselves, ensuring they remained for other people to enjoy after we had left.


As you can see we had a fantastic time and captured some beautiful family photos. We were blessed with dry weather and some cloud cover, which meant that we had a lovely soft light to work with.  I cannot wait to revisit these Bluebell Woods next spring.


Adorable Inida in the Bluebell Woods


Cheeky Max & India, surronded by Bluebells


Sibling love


The very cheeky max and the beautiful little India


Max chilling out in the bluebells that covered the floor at Banstead Woods


Gorgeous India


The amazing fallen tree surrounded by Bluebells