Jenie & Phill, St Nicolas Church, Cranleigh, Surrey, Wedding.


“After deciding to have a small, intimate and secret wedding, we wanted someone who understood us as a couple and when we met Chris we just knew he would be perfect. Every aspect was captured within his pictures and I cannot thank him enough. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for a photographer for any occasion x” Jennie & Phill


As weddings go, I think this is one of the smallest ones I have ever had the pleasure of attending. Jennie & Phill’s wedding was a small and intimate family church wedding on a pretty cold January day. Surrounded by their children, parents and close family the wedding ceremony took place at St Nicolas Church, Cranleigh, Surrey.


Jennie has such an ethereal glow about her and was a joy to photograph and her tea length wedding dress was beautiful. One of the things I always love seeing at weddings is the different details, especially the Bouquet. I have had Paper ones, Button ones but this was the first silk bouquet I had seen, it was gorgeous – and very heavy!


Being the start of winter you can imagine it was rather chilly! I had said to Jennie when I met her before Christmas, that the weather could do what it liked, as long as it stayed dry for the afternoon and it certainly did that. Despite the cold breeze we were blessed with sunshine and a beautiful blue sky. St Nicolas Church looked like a painted pictured, bathed in that warm late afternoon glow. Stunning.


It was a privilege to share Jennie & Phill’s wedding day and I  wish them many years of happiness together.


St Nicolas Church Wedding Photography


The Groom & his son the Ring Bearer.


St Nicolas Church, Cranleigh


Beatiful bride and her silk bouquet


The children keeping warm in the church


Wedding Ceremony inside St Nicolas Church, Cranleigh


Signing of the register and witnesses


The Bride and Grooms family on their wedding day


The happy couple


Jennie & Phill outside St Nicolas Church on their wedding day


Beautiful ethereal bride