Charley & Tom Family Photography Fleet Pond, Hampshire


As luck would have it, we choose a very sunny winter’s day for a family photo session at Fleet Pond. However, despite the glorious late afternoon sunshine it was extremely cold. So cold, there was a very thick layer of ice on the pond – the next day people were reportedly skating on the pond… slightly mad and pretty awesome.


As you can imagine with the chill, it was important we kept moving before the children felt it too much. After meeting Charley & Tom we made a slow walk around to Sandy Bay – a natural sandy cove formed by the silt bought down by a nearby river, this place is absolutely gorgeous in the summer for a paddle and sun bathe, make sure you pay it a visit. At this time of year (January) Sandy Bay is bathed in the warm orange glow of the setting sun. It’s a time of day us photographers like to refer to as the ‘Golden Hour’.


On our walk around to Sandy Bay and on our return we managed to get some great images of the children and of Charley & Tom. Sadly the cold weather cut our visit a little short but it still produced over 40 fantastic pictures of them all.


Thank you to Charley, Tom and the children for coming out to Fleet Pond to brave the cold. I for one am looking forward to the arrival of spring, lots of colour will come back to the tree’s and the weather is a little warmer!